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Attain a new way of life with a Baptist church that helps you receive abundant love and grace from the Lord. Visit the worship services and bible study series of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Brighton, AL. Listen to Bible teachings and be strengthened by sharing the Good News of the Lord.

Bible study group

Worship Services

  • 9:45 AM Sunday School

  • 11:00 AM Sunday Worship Service

  • 6:00 PM Sunday School Mass

  • 5:00 PM Monday Choir Rehearsal

  • 6:00 PM Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Bible Study

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Take your burdens to the Lord and let the scripture comfort your soul. Whenever you need help, our church is ready to give you spiritual guidance and enlightenment. We invite you and your family in our church ministries, events, and activities so you can receive God’s grace as inspiration and strength as you continue your journey through Christianity. Feel free to call us at (205) 426-1413 for your questions about our church and our worship services.